Monday, April 25, 2005

Birmingham, Birmingham

This comes from an internet caff in the West Midlands, where there are but 22 minutes left on the clock. I'm here to do a book event at the local Borders, where (I hope) disillusioned Labourites will drink Starbucks, and nod sagely as I tell them what they probably already know. One ace, however, has fallen into my lap: the sudden entry of Iraq into the campaign, which at least provides me with an opportunity to imply that something exciting has happened, as opposed to the council tax/jamie oliver/speed humps 'debates' of the last few weeks.

Oh, and I'll also probably give it some about the Tories' myopic campaign on Immigration, the focus of a bit of mild rucking at cambridge on Saturday, where I discussed the looming election as part of a panel that also included Tory frontbencher Andrew Lansley. I'll write more about this tomorrow.